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Gemstone carving a reverse image in the base of the gemstone. Works best with transparent gems such as Topaz, Quartz & Zircon.

Reverse Intaglio

Bespoke Pieces

Carved designs in gemstones that will be set in jewellery worn as a decorative seal rather than a working wax imprint.


Engraved Gems

Carved in negative for insignias in gemstones that are working wax imprints. Family crests, designs and monograms are traditionally used.

Crest Intaglio

Wax Seals

Gemstones cut to fit existing jewellery pieces. Cut in any size and shape that you need, contact for more information.

Retro Fitting

Carved & fitted gems 

Designs shallow carved into a surface or a thin piece with a forced perspective. From Cameo's to larger scenery and landscapes.

Relief Carving

Forced Perspective

Carved on request, a longer lead time needed depending on the complexity of the work. Contact for more information.

Gem Carving

Freeform carving

Material is sourced and cut to specifications excluding faceting work. We can work with your material, depending on the quality of the rough or cut gemstones, however, no responsibility is taken for the risks involved with supplied gems.


A master jeweller for 28 years, Susannah has a full design, hand manufacturing & setting service available in-house.

For more information on jewellery manufacturing and what we can do for you please visit

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